This book is set in both the present and past and is woven around a fascinating true story.

In January 1916 a group of 114 men left the northern New South Wales town of Inverell to fight in The Great War. They were known as The Kurrajongs.

In the Olympic year 2000, one of the men is still alive. Stanhope Callinan. His granddaughter and great-grandson visit the old man. Go and sit in the sun with old Stan, learn a little of his boyhood. Join him aboard The Kurrajongs train. Meet his friend. Why did they volunteer? Travel across the oceans with them. Stay a while in England before heading to France just in time to enter the trenches during the coldest winter in 40 years.

March and fight, laugh and cry with some of The Kurrajongs. Who survives the carnage of the Western Front? How many of the group return to Australia? How has the war changed those who came home?

Actual cover shown.

Signed by author.


  • Ian Small - 2008


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