The Commanders tells the story of sixteen of Australia's most eminent military men, as they performed under the stress of strategy-making and in the heat of battle.

In scrutinising critical periods in the careers of such men as Chauvel, Mon ash, Bennett and Blamey, it addresses a number of fascinating questions:

·  Is there an Australian style of command?

·  How well have Australian officers been pre¬pared for high command?

·  How have Australian commanders handled the problems of coalition war or co-operation with allies?

·  How have political direction, organisational structures and entrenched defence policy affected the performance of commanders in the field?

The commanders put under the spotlight are: Bridges, Brudenell White, Creswell, Chauvel, Monash, Lavarack, Sturdee, Gordon Bennett, Morshead, Blarney, Rowell, Herring, Vasey, Robertson, Scherger and Wilton.

This roll-call of some of Australia's greatest warriors presents a fascinating picture of the realities of war at the top. Each of the sixteen lives examined presents a revealing account of the conditions under which crucial military decisions are made and carried out — on the battlefield, at headquarters, in victory and defeat.

The Commanders will appeal not only to students of military affairs but to everyone interested in Australian history and biography.

Lieutenant Colonel David Homer PhD is the research officer at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre. He is the author of Crisis of Command, High Command: Australian and Allied Strategy 1939-45 and SAS: Phantoms of the Jungle; and editor of Duty First: The Royal Australian Regiment in War and Peace.

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