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After nearly twenty years of SAS operations, Bob Shepherd retired from the military to work as an adviser on the international commercial security circuit — simply referred to by its members as The Circuit. Certain his most dangerous days were behind him, Bob settled into a sedate life looking after VIPs. Then 9/11 happened.

From Basra to Baghdad, Kabul to Kandahar, Ramallah to Riyadh, Bob found himself back in war zones on assignments far more perilous than anything he had encountered in the SAS — from ferrying journalists across firing lines in the West Bank and Gaza to travelling to the heart of Osama bin Laden's Afghan lair — often with no back-up and sometimes behind enemy lines.

But as the War on Terror escalated, Bob witnessed The Circuit's transformation from a niche business staffed by top veterans into an unregulated, billion-dollar industry that too often places profits above lives and enables western governments to hide the true cost of military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Written with the passion of an elite soldier, THE CIRCUIT is a pulse-racing and at times shocking first-hand testament to what is really happening, on the ground, in the major trouble spots of the world.

Actual cover shown.

THE CIRCUIT by Bob Shepherd

AU$4.00 Regular Price
AU$2.00Sale Price
  • Pan Books - 2000

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