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Wayne Coolwell, ABC television and radio presenter, travelled throughout Australia and across the world to talk with the following people about their individual sense of Aboriginality, spirituality, ambitions and their hopes for the future of Australia.

Wayne talked with: artist Gordon Bennett, winner of the 1991 Moet and Chandon Fellowship to France; Mark Ella, rugby union Test Player living in Italy; Rhoda Roberts, TV presenter/journalist; Wayne Costelloe, Australian Volunteer Abroad; Stan Grant, TV presenter/journalist; Shirley Nirrpurranydi, Arnhem  Land school principal; actor Ernie Dingo; dancer Linda Bonson; opera singer Maroochy Barambah; doctor Sandra Eades; land rights advocate Noel Pearson; and singer-songwriter Archie Roach.

MY KIND OF PEOPLE by Wayne Coolwell

  • University of Queensland Press - 1996

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