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Here are dreams to haunt our waking world: over 400 megabytes of 3D animations from the finest computer animators on the planet. Phil Shatz has made a career of searching out the best examples of this new computer-generated style of animating, and this is his latest collection of winners. The extraordinary visuals are supported by equally dazzling music, in performances guaranteed to make your multimedia computer strut its stuff like never before. Additionally, there are over 100 megabytes of custom-coded graphic and sound demos from the masters of these genres.

You'll begin your journey in The SpaceBar. Objects in the lounge are your gateway into these strange and intriguing worlds. Here are just a few of them:

  • A dizzying ride through the insides of an arcade game in Pinball.
  • The thrill of piloting an attack helicopter through a futuristic urban cityscape in Hellfire.
  • Bizarre androids battling to the death in Killer Chess II.
  • Dreamlike flights through alien landscapes in Morpheus and Spin.

The book will introduce you to the artists and programmers who created the animations and demos, as well as give you an insider's look at the hardware and software used in each production. The techniques and tricks that you learn in Modeling the Dream will help you create your own incredible animations and multimedia productions.

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  • Mitchell Waite - 1994 

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