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An idealistic twenty-something environmentalist.
A retired right-wing finance minister.
All their lives, they've happily ignored each other.
Until now.
Anna Rose, environmental crusader since the age of fourteen and co-founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, is on a mission. This is the story of her biggest challenge yet: a whirlwind journey around the world with conservative powerbroker and arch climate sceptic Nick Minchin. From a remote Hawaiian volcano to a cosmic ray laboratory in Geneva, Anna rolls out the biggest names in science to try and change Nick's mind.

It's a journey to tell the story of what's happening to our climate—not just to one man, but to a nation divided on the biggest issue of our times. Nick and Anna challenge each other's views, provoking each other to confront closely held assumptions and question our responsibilities as citizens living in uncertain times.


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MADLANDS by Anna Rose

AU$5.00 Regular Price
AU$2.00Sale Price
  • Melbourne University Press - 2012

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