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Belief in the world of spirits goes back as far as human records, and shows no sign of declining. Conventional  science can make little sense of ghostly phenomena, from the mischievous, if disturbing, antics of poltergeists to the wail of the banshee, and from eerie spectres to lifelike apparitions of the dead. This volume offers a wealth of such stories, placing them in the context of current research into the paranormal and casting a critical eye over some of the more notorious cases of haunting, including:

* Amityville, the town that became the subject of worldwide media attention

* The Enfield poltergeist

* Spirit guides that revealed the secrets of Glastonbury

* The Borley Rectory controversy

* The legend of the Flying Dutchman

* Phantom armies that re-enact historical battles in the sky

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GHOSTS Introduction by Brian Inglis

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  • Orbis Publishing Ltd, London - 1984

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