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First fifty years of Sutherland Shire 1906-1956


An exciting story of the people and events that went to make up the  vivid history of the first fifty years of the Shire. It tells for the first  time of the secret preparations made to turn Sutherland into a fortress shire when during the second world war, Australia was threatened by an invasion from Japan.


The human tragedies of the depression years are recalled dramatically.


You learn just how close Sutherland Shire came to running its own  Community Hotels.


You meet some of the Shire's world famous residents - Arthur  Mailey(cricketer), Donald Mackay (explorer) and Henry Lawson.


It is all there , from the men who reefed the sails of the Endeavour when Captain Cook first landed at Kurnell, to the scientists smashing atoms at Lucas Heights.


First edition, actual cover shown.

FROM SAILS TO ATOMS compiled by David R Kirkby

  • Publicity Aid for Sutherland Shire Council - January 1, 1970

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