1 – THE SWITCH by Sandra Brown (hard cover with dust jacket)

It isn't the first time that identical twins Gillian and Melina Lloyd have switched identities. Yet it's the first time as adults that they've even considered the childhood prank. Melina, the more impetuous twin, proposes that her circumspect sister take her place as a media escort to NASA astronaut and national hero Colonel Christopher "Chief" Hart.

Although it's an enticing offer, Gillian declines for a very personal reason --- she's preoccupied with whether or not the artificial insemination she underwent that day will be successful. Besides, she warns Melina, such a switch could have unexpected consequences.


2 – BEASTLY THINGS by Donna Leon (hardcover)

Beastly Things, the 21st mystery in Donna Leon's Commisario Guido Brunetti Series starts when a body of a man stabbed to death is found floating in one of Venice's canal, whose identity is only revealed half-way through the story.


3 – LITTLE SECRETS by Anna Snoekstra (paperback)

In this latest novel by Snoekstra, Little Secrets, she transports us to Colmstock, Australia, a small town not only devastated by economic depression but reeling from the destruction and tragedy caused by an arsonist with no conscience, and a potential predator who seems to be targeting the local children.


4 – THE BEST OF FRIENDS by Joanna Trollope (softcover)

Gina and Laurence have been the best of friends ever since they were teenagers.They have never been in love - just friends.Now, Gina is married to the exquisitely tasteful Fergus and lives in stylish perfection at High Place.Laurence is married to down-to-earth Hilary and lives in the Bee House, a home and hotel.

Then, with elegant disdain, Fergus announces that he is leaving Gina and their teenage daughter.As Gina's misery ricochets through the two homes, she turns for emotional support to Laurence, her dearest friend.And as Laurence gives comfort, so his own marriage and the stability of his children edges towards destruction .


5 - THE CHOIR by Joanna Trollope (softcover)

When costly much-needed repairs to the cathedral in Aldminster threaten to abolish the boys' choir, housewife Sally Ashworth becomes involved in the cause, which is also affected by her talented young son.


  • All books good condition