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He is born on a bare hillside near the end of the Dry Time. Abandoned by his mother, cared for and suckled only by a dog, he becomes a creature of the wilds. To the poor villagers, he hardly appears human at all, and they reject him.

Yet the dog-boy, as he is called, proves to be a survivor. Against the odds, and in spite of his savage upbringing, he grows into a 'special' child – someone destined to change the lives of all who cross is path.

From a master fantasy writer comes the compelling story of a boy's strange and perilous journey to manhood. Here is the tale which questions who we are and how we relate to the natural world.

Actual cover shown.

DOG BOY by Victor Kelleher

AU$3.00 Regular Price
AU$2.00Sale Price
  • Penguin Group Australia - 2005

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