Dawn Fraser has held people's attention for almost 50 years, having burst onto the scene as a gutsy and talented swimmer in the 1950s. A multiple gold medal winner over three consecutive Olympics, a constant record breaker, a rebel, campaigner, National Living Treasure, Swimmer of the Century, Australian Icon, International Sports ambassador, publican and politician, Dawn has lived a remarkable life and done most of it the hard way. Born on the wrong side of the tracks, in working class Sydney, she has struggled with illness, family tragedy, petty bureaucratic opposition and personal demons to live a life filled with remarkable achievements. It has also been a life punctuated by loss and sadness. Here Dawn finally tells the full story of how her glittering swimming career was cut brutally short after triumph in Tokyo, and she describes the impact the ten year ban imposed on her was to have on her tumultuous marriage. The years that followed as a single parent trying to scrape a living in obscurity before her triumphant comeback in Atlanta are some of her most fraught. From Melbourne to Los Angeles and Seoul to Sydney, Dawn's recollections of her many roles and adventures at the Olympic Games since the 1960s offer an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at what she describes as "the biggest and best competition in the world". There are lighter times too that Dawn recalls with the spirit and humour for which she is so highly regarded - from the "flag incident" in Tokyo to her riotous days as a publican shines through. Now Dawn tells in her own words what is and isn't behind the rumours that have swirled around her from the beginning and she shines a spotlight on many other aspects of her life

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