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For decades Helen Baldwin has been painting outback Australia and the Aboriginal people. Her travels have taken her throughout western New South Wales and to Alice Springs, Darwin,Yuendumu, Napperby, Mbunghara, Papunya, Kintore, Docker River, Areyonga, Maryvale andcountless places in between. Through her friendship with Michael Ellis and his wife Lizzie, a full-blood Aborigine of the Ngaanatjarra tribe, Helen has been taken to special areas that few white people have ever seen. The natural affinity for the Central Australian desert and its people felt by Helen is visible in her artistic work. She is able to see through the incongruous Western clothing, tangled hairand ubiquitous dust to the flame that gave birth to one of the purest forms of spirituality ever articulated.

At night, telling Dreamtime stories by the campfire, an ancient dignity lights the eyes of the old people.


Signed copy.


First edition.

CHILDREN OF THE DREAMTIME By Helen Baldwin / Editor Laura Murray

  • Child & Associates Publishing Pty Ltd - 1989

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