Elizabeth Turner carries the red-gold hair and beautiful English complexion of her Deravenel ancestors. She has also inherited Edward Deravenel's charismatic, fiercely-ambitious personality. Now, at twenty-five, she stands in the position she has dreamed of -- inheriting the family business, Deravenels. Over 800 years old, the company is a bastion of male chauvinism, and the challenges Elizabeth faces are immense -- and not the least of which is a cousin who believes herself to be the rightful heir. Elizabeth's main ally is her childhood friend, handsome Robert Dunley. Intelligent and charming, he is her match in every way -- and there is a spark between them that is impossible to resist. But Robert is married, and their affair flares the flame of scandal, though that is the least of Elizabeth's problems, as she fights for her birthright.

Actual cover shown.

BEING ELIZABETH by Barbara Taylor Bradford

  • Harper Collins - 2008


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