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Ideal for graphic designers, artists, and others, 3-D Human Modeling and Animation builds a bridge from traditional figure drawing, painting, and sculpture to the creation and animation of figures using computer technology.

With a step-by-step approach, the book leads readers through the process of modeling human figures, with specific yet flexible techniques that can be applied to many different hardware/s ware setups. Separate chapters cover different areas of the body, and contain everything r ad-ers need to know about proportion, basic design strategies, 3-D construction methods, and other essential information. The final chapters show how to prepare figures for animation and get them up and running—and jumping, walking, turning, and twisting!

Complete with illustrations, helpful exercises, and more, 3-D Human Modeling,and Animation opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities to explore.

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AU$5.00 Regular Price
AU$2.00Sale Price
  • John Wiley & Son - 1998

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